Undefined index: name in Propel/Runtime/Util/Profiler.php

While doing some development with Propel 2 I encountered this error message:

Undefined index: name in Propel/Runtime/Util/Profiler.php

Despite the fact if you add a name entry you would get this error:

Unrecognized option “name” under “propel.runtime.profiler.details.time”

It was supposed to be fixed with Propel 2.0.0-alpha5 but wasn’t.

Changing my composer to use dev-master fixed the issue. While not optimal, not a big deal if you run with composer.lock

You can see the issue I opened on GitHub here: https://github.com/propelorm/Propel2/issues/1028

Live Corsi and Fenwick

IcyData now has Corsi and Fenwick calculation in its live parsing.

Now that the job of populating past games is done, I can have IcyData calculate in real-time going forward.

I’ve got some ideas for my next viz and will hopefully have that out soon.

Populating Corsi and Fenwick

IcyData is now collecting data on corsi and fenwick values on a per game basis for every player.

It shouldn’t take more than a couple hours to accumulate all the data and then I’ll work on coming up with a decent way of showing it.

I’d also like to create a Viz showcasing them and see if I can’t get any insights out of the data.